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Some progress…..

I managed to get some things done.


2015-02-16 16.32.40Before mods for heads.

2015-02-16 16.39.45The cutout….


2015-02-16 16.58.34The cutout reversed & reinserted……

2015-02-16 17.06.01The finished mod…..

2015-02-21 18.46.12Now the rear head fits properly….

2015-02-21 14.20.29Also got a new 80 spoke wheel…..

2015-03-04 17.22.43Working on a custom set of two into one exhaust…..

2015-03-06 18.56.32 HDR2015-03-04 17.22.18Now they need to be wrapped and some custom heat sheilds made up to fit properly…..

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Slow progress.

She has her wheels on now, but some engine parts are still being worked on. The back fender has some custom fitting to be completed yet also.


2014-08-25 16.17.04

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New oil tank/battery box.

Going to the cleaner look of a wrap around oil tank/battery box.


2014-07-18 12.34.21 2014-07-18 12.34.38

Old-Oil-Tank-1   Old-battery-box-1

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Trans buttoned up ready to install.

My transmission is ready to go.

2014-07-16 12.12.56

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Upgrade (my opinion) of the Throwout Bearing in a 4 speed.

I bought a kit to change the throwout bearing in my transmission. I like the older bearing better than the new one. I have changed a few of these, but this is the first time I needed to change the kicker clutch. The new clutch is smaller and designed to fit snuggly inside the bearing. The newer style is on the right and the upgrade to the older one with the kicker clutch is on the left. Also changed the pushrod as they are different.

2014-07-16 10.54.30

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Bash Plate.

A stainless steel bash plate to protect my engine. I do not like rocks putting holes in my bottom end, as I sometimes ride where there ain’t no roads. Tried hill climbing once, but I was too drunk & fell off. 😦

Motorcycling is an adventure! Do not be afraid to venture off the beaten path, you might be amazed at what you discover!


2014-07-09 18.49.41

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Adjustable Transmission plate.

This is an adjustable transmission plate which will allow me to have better adjustment options for my primary belt. Hopefully this will allow me to eliminate the idler bearing I was using to take the slack out of the belt. Due to the stock Sturgis belt having a ribbed back, the bearing would whistle. 2014-07-09 17.53.18

2014-07-09 17.53.04




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Rod Bearings Crank End

These are the bearing cages from my bottom end.

The bottom end felt good, with minimal side play and no up & down play.

To all indications it should have been fine to let it go, but, I thought of the miles & her age, then decided to have the crank rebuilt.

I have had her since 2005, been cross-country a couple of times, as well as many shorter runs. She is a daily rider that covers a lot of ground. Also, I had no idea of when the bottom end had been rebuilt, if ever, before I got her.

Now she has all new bearing in the crankcase, so she will be as good as a new engine.

I would advise anyone who has split your cases or even just got the top end off to consider the mileage before deciding that it feels good enough to get by.

I doubt I would have finished another season without blowing this engine.


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Broken Clutch Hub

The consequences of not properly installing a clutch hub.


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Transmission Upgrade

Getting ready to switch my transmission case from an FX to an FL.

Be nice to get rid of the front wheel speedo drive.

Tranny Switch

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