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Heads & Oil Pump

I got her heads back and installed them. Beeker from RGB Classics in Wainwright did a nice job of installing my high performance valves & springs. Also, due to an equipment problem, I got him to install my new exhaust flanges from FLO Headworks. He did a flowtest for me so that I would have a baseline to set up my carb & exhaust. Looking good. Won’t be torquing them until I get the valves set so I can double-check my clearances. Her oil pump from TP Engineering is now installed after some problems with the operation that locked up when tightened to the company specs.

2014-10-11 14.24.282014-10-11 14.24.41 2014-10-11 14.25.17 2014-10-11 14.25.10

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