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Mr. Jimmy’s Sissy Bar.

A custom Old Skool sissy bar built for Mr. Jimmy to put on his Softail.



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New oil tank/battery box.

Going to the cleaner look of a wrap around oil tank/battery box.


2014-07-18 12.34.21 2014-07-18 12.34.38

Old-Oil-Tank-1   Old-battery-box-1

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Transmission in frame.

2014-07-16 16.23.24 2014-07-16 16.23.36

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Trans buttoned up ready to install.

My transmission is ready to go.

2014-07-16 12.12.56

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Upgrade (my opinion) of the Throwout Bearing in a 4 speed.

I bought a kit to change the throwout bearing in my transmission. I like the older bearing better than the new one. I have changed a few of these, but this is the first time I needed to change the kicker clutch. The new clutch is smaller and designed to fit snuggly inside the bearing. The newer style is on the right and the upgrade to the older one with the kicker clutch is on the left. Also changed the pushrod as they are different.

2014-07-16 10.54.30

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Windshield modifications.

Cutting out the corners of a Road Glide windshield to clear the high bars.



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Twin-cam derby.

This is a plain line engraving on a twin-cam derby cover.


Len's derby cover

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Bash Plate.

A stainless steel bash plate to protect my engine. I do not like rocks putting holes in my bottom end, as I sometimes ride where there ain’t no roads. Tried hill climbing once, but I was too drunk & fell off. 😦

Motorcycling is an adventure! Do not be afraid to venture off the beaten path, you might be amazed at what you discover!


2014-07-09 18.49.41

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Adjustable Transmission plate.

This is an adjustable transmission plate which will allow me to have better adjustment options for my primary belt. Hopefully this will allow me to eliminate the idler bearing I was using to take the slack out of the belt. Due to the stock Sturgis belt having a ribbed back, the bearing would whistle. 2014-07-09 17.53.18

2014-07-09 17.53.04




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Powder coat mistake.

I had my frame powder coated, expecting the business to do a good job. They have done lots of bike parts & frames before, so I did not see a reason to point out any particular things that needed special attention. Seems I was wrong. I have had other frames done where the number is legible under the powder, but in this case it was totally obliterated. I needed to sand the area to have the number reappear so that it was readable. I have seen others who have had illegible or non-existent numbers go through hell with uncaring or deliberately destructive cops searching for a number. Older frames do not have a number, but that would not stop them from searching. I have seen some beautiful bikes destroyed in the name of looking for stolen parts. Harleys are not as much in demand by thieves these days, but that would not stop an overzealous cop from performing his duty in trying to apprehend a supposed criminal because they ride a Harley Davidson. Therefore I took the time & effort to show the number on my frame.  If you get your frame powder coated, remember to point out that the number must be legible when they are finished.Frame-number-before-1

2014-07-09 17.53.57


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