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Rod Bearings Crank End

These are the bearing cages from my bottom end.

The bottom end felt good, with minimal side play and no up & down play.

To all indications it should have been fine to let it go, but, I thought of the miles & her age, then decided to have the crank rebuilt.

I have had her since 2005, been cross-country a couple of times, as well as many shorter runs. She is a daily rider that covers a lot of ground. Also, I had no idea of when the bottom end had been rebuilt, if ever, before I got her.

Now she has all new bearing in the crankcase, so she will be as good as a new engine.

I would advise anyone who has split your cases or even just got the top end off to consider the mileage before deciding that it feels good enough to get by.

I doubt I would have finished another season without blowing this engine.


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Broken Clutch Hub

The consequences of not properly installing a clutch hub.


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Transmission Upgrade

Getting ready to switch my transmission case from an FX to an FL.

Be nice to get rid of the front wheel speedo drive.

Tranny Switch

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Rebuilt Bottom End 1981 Shovelhead

My bottom end just got back from R.G.B. Classic Motorcycles, in Wainwright Alberta, where Beeker install all new bearings,  trued & balanced the crank, line bored & assembled the short block.

I do not have the proper equipment to do this work, so I farmed it out. Beeker was highly recommended.

Now I need to finish the modifications to my heads & put it all together.


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